TIMELESS or TRENDY: things to ( and not to ) splurge on if you’re a renter

TIMELESS or TRENDY: things to ( and not to ) splurge on if youre a renter

TIMELESS or TRENDY – The semi-nomadic life of a renter has its perks and downsides. Let’s start with the pros: they’re safe from maintenance costs, repair bills, and real estate taxes, unlike homeowners. Globetrotters make the best renters since their wanderlust is greater than their need for real, stable housing.

TIMELESS or TRENDY: things to ( and not to ) splurge on if you're a renter
TIMELESS or TRENDY: things to ( and not to ) splurge on if you’re a renter

Now, the biggest downside of leasing: a renter has no place to proudly call “home” With this, it’s nearly impossible for them to go crazy with interior design. They can’t paint a home that isn’t their own. In most cases, they can’t even mount a picture on the wall due to landlords’ no-nailing policy. They can’t commit to furniture and they tend to settle for low-quality pieces that aren’t hard to leave behind or sell when they move.

But just because barely anything is permanent, doesn’t mean every renter should skimp quality. While there are items not worth investing in, there are other pieces worth splurging bucks on.

If you’re a lessee experiencing similar scenario, here’s a concept to learn by heart in order to keep your sanity: Timeless or Trendy. Devote more money to timeless items and cut the costs for items that come and go with the trend. Once you’ve divided the items into two categories, it’ll be easier for you to determine how much you’ll be willing to spend on those pieces.

Timeless Pieces

TIMELESS or TRENDY – These are items that never go out of style even when trends come and go. No matter what the season is, and where you may settle in, you always want to bring these pieces with you. They don’t require regular upkeeps and replacements, unlike trendy pieces. With this, it’s okay to throw a few bucks just to make sure you’re getting quality items you’d love to keep for years.

1. The Essentials (furniture for keeps)

Let’s start with the items you can barely live without – the furniture for keeps.

Invest in your basics, including the sofa, reading chair, coffee table, armoire, bed, and dining set. If you’re looking for low-maintenance pieces, have them in safe, timeless tones, like monochrome or neutrals and make sure they’re made of the finest materials. The good thing is you can easily modify the couch, bed, and dining chairs with coverings and throws to refresh your interior and keep up with the trend.

2. Statement Pieces

Apart from bare essentials, items that define your personality are also worth investing in. Statement pieces make your home look and feel like yours, even when you’re a renter, paying a landlord every month.

Some of the pieces include antiques, vintage decors, handmade rugs, and art collections that truly speak to your taste.

3. Dinnerware and serveware

Go to any person’s kitchen and you’ll see a cupboard containing beautiful dinnerware and serveware sets. High-quality plates and glasses are more than just eating apparatuses – they are special family mementos worth keeping and displaying. When they’re well taken care of, they can stand the test of time and be used for generations.

4. Pieces conducive to health

Items that face immediate wear and tear aren’t worth splurging on, but there’s an exception. If it concerns your overall well-being and comfort, then it’s economical to spend a few bucks on pricier yet better alternatives. Ergonomic chairs for your home office, as well as state-of-the-art mattresses and pillows to aid neck and back pain, are among these items.

Trendy Pieces

TIMELESS or TRENDY – Trends come and go so it’s practical for a renter to save the flashy colors and wild patterns for smaller and cheaper pieces that face wear and tear and spend less on them. In this way, you won’t feel guilty if you try to replace or sell them when you get tired of them.

1. The Non-Essentials (pieces prone to tear, wear, and obsoletion)

Throwing extra bucks on a designer bar cart you’ll probably get sick of after a few months isn’t worth your month’s rent.

Other pieces like step stools, ladders, side tables, countertop stools, outdoor furniture, bookcases, shelves, and storage pieces are also included in this category. When you decide to move out, it’s frustrating to see that they don’t fit in your new place, size-wise, and design-wise. Opt for cheaper alternatives which will make you feel less guilty when you decide to replace them.

2. Throws

Tired of your beige sofa? While you can’t easily replace it, you can update your home just by changing the throw blankets and pillows. Would you like to insert some eye-popping colors into your dull space? How ’bout putting a touch of Christmas without adding a Christmas tree? The inexpensive combo of pillows and couch coverings allow you to introduce a trend into your rental.

3. Curtains

Same with throws, both window and shower curtains are made to be replaced to update the look of your home to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that curtains are trendy pieces, they also vary from location to location. It’s impractical to splurge on drapes that likely won’t fit windows and varying ceiling heights in your next space.

4. Bathmats and Doormats

Unlike classic rugs, these floor coverings tend to get worn out easily and, thus aren’t worth splurging on.
The upside of their semi-disposable nature is you can use their bold colors and cheery patterns to insert some personality into your space.