The super ultimate guide to decorating do’s and don’ts

The ultimate guide to decorating do’s and don’ts

The ultimate guide to decorating – Being your own interior decorator means you’ll be saving some money in your upcoming renovation projects, but it also means a ton of work coming your way.

While most people prefer hiring a reliable designer with lots of experience and knowledge how to make your ideas come true, others prefer getting their hands dirty and doing the work themselves.

The ultimate guide to decorating do's and don'ts
The ultimate guide to decorating do’s and don’ts

And this is quite all right, because that’s the way to really get in touch with your new space, but before embarking on this journey, make sure you know what you’re doing. Therefore, here are some of the most common do’s and don’ts people who decorating their own home make.

Let your travels inspire you

When decorating your home, incorporating something that means a lot to you is essential, and what’s more meaningful and personal than souvenirs picked up on your travels? Most people love displaying them all over their home and these always remind them of the great time they’ve had with their family, and that’s something you should do as well.

Some of the ways to do so is repurposing travel trunks and suitcases into nice storage units, framing unusual postcards you’ve collected on your travels or, ultimately, bringing an authentic piece back home with you and turning it into a focal point of your home.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of travelling, you’ve surely already noticed certain decorating trends that are specific to the places you’ve visited, so try to incorporate a touch of exotic lands into your home, too.

Don’t overdo it

When trying to incorporate a new style into your home, knowing when to stop is essential. Yes, a few framed postcards or even maps are an amazing way to spice things up in your living room or study, but don’t cover all your walls with them because that’s just too much.

Adding a thing or two is usually quite enough to let your guests know how important traveling and discovering new cultures is for you, and placing just a couple of souvenirs strategically around your home is also enough to remind you how great your trips were.

Therefore, be cool and don’t let your new influences dictate what your living space looks like.

Add new colors

Painting all your walls white or beige will make your rooms cozy and welcoming, but being constantly surrounded by a huge amount of boring wall color is eventually going to drive you crazy.

Therefore, adding some color to your life and brightening up your rooms just a little bit could easily be the best decision you’ve made in a while.

This is especially true for small spaces that work well with bold colors, so repaint them into blue, green, red or purple as soon as possible!

Don’t mix styles

No matter which color scheme you opt for and how vivid or simple it is, staying consistent and not mixing too many influences at once is important. Although eclectic room design is everyone’s favorite at the moment, try to ease into it instead of making dramatic changes over night.

For instance, start with small spaces first – the kitchen is the best place in your house where you can be creative. Combine different elements in order to create room for everything you need.

You will need basic things but be sure that they are made for the space you have. Cook-tops and small ovens can help you a lot and you can show your skills. The best way to store your food is to keep it in a quality Mile freezer so it can always be fresh.

Combine as much as possible

People living in small homes simply don’t have enough room to turn all their ideas into reality and they can’t realize all of their home decorating aspirations. That’s why they need to adapt to their situation and find a way to incorporate as many things as they can in the space they have.

This can be rather challenging sometimes, especially if you have a small bathroom that can’t accommodate the reliable washing machines you’ve picked. Instead, put it in the kitchen and equip it with a cover that will follow the dominating style and color combination of your kitchen.

Don’t disrupt the balance

Remember – whatever you do, don’t disrupt the balance of your home! You can add as many things as you want and do basically whatever you wish to do – it’s your home after all – but don’t mix too many influences at once.

Pick one or two dominating color combinations, combine them properly and stick to them if you want to create a balanced and organized space. The aforementioned washing machine cover, for example, is a simple, yet highly effective way to make sure this addition to your kitchen doesn’t disrupt the existing flow of the space with its whiteness.

What do the experts say?

When it comes to home decorating do’s and don’ts, it seems that the experts usually agree on few things: be creative, come up with your own style and try new things, but remember that less is more and that blindly following decorating trends is the surest way to depersonalize your space, which is definitely not something you want.